New Connection

For getting a new HP connection a person needs to contact the nearest HP Gas distributor of the area.  A person can also book a new connection online at the website of HP Gas. Following are the details of cost of a new connection with Double Bottle Cylinder (DBC) i.e. two cylinders and one regular is included in the cost of the LPG.

Fixed Cost:

  1. Rs. 2500/- (refundable deposit for 2 cylinders).
  2. Rs. 150/- (refundable deposit for a regulator)
  3. Cost of two refills (depends upon the prevailing cost)
  4. Cost of hotplate or stove and Suraksha Hose (rubber tube) (depends on the prevailing cost and it excludes all the cost).

Any of the following documents needs to be submitted for the new connection:

  1. Aadhaar Number (Copy of Letter of Aadhaar) : Aadhaar Letter Back and Aadhaar Letter Front.
  2. Copy of lease agreement of house / receipt of rent.
  3. Xerox of ration Card.
  4. Xerox of Passport.
  5. Xerox of bill of telephone /any other utility bill.
  6. Self declaration attested by Gazetted officer.

In some states it is mandatory to submit the Xerox of ration card as per the orders of State government.

According to LPG Control Order, only one LPG connection can be taken for one house