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The Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), also widely referred as the ‘kitchen gas’, is most ardently available to consumers by HP GAS. The LPG is basically an amalgamation of hydrocarbons which are gaseous in nature at normal temperature. The specialty is that these can also be liquefied and stowed in cylinders under pressure, which can be henceforth drawn out to be uses as gas (especially for cooking).

HP gas is a well known name and has been serving people since years. This brand of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) has earned people’s trust and faith. The company provides cooking gas in cylinders for household as well as commercial purposes. HP Gas has wide network and has LPG bottling plants in almost all parts of the country. It provides almost 3610 thousand metric tonnes in a year. It provides Gas cylinders to almost 33 million people via network of 2630 distributors in almost all villages and cities.

The matter of concern with LPG companies is “safety”. HP gas is a trustworthy company and there are no issues with the safety factor. All cylinders that reach to people are checked and then are distributed. There are some guide lines for HP gas customers which must be taken care of. The rubber tube must be ISI marked. Maximum length for rubber tube is 1.5 meters. It should be inspected at regular intervals and should be kept away from heat and fire. A rubber tube should not be used for more than 2 years. In case, one smells gas, the first thing that he should do is, switch off all the electrical switches and also the stove knobs or it may be dangerous. One who knows how to remove the regulator should definitely do that. And if you continue to smell gas, you should immediately call the HP gas distributor for help and suggestions.

HP Gas Services

HP Gas service is very good and it ensures quick delivery of gas cylinders. It has also provided tips for connecting the new cylinders. First, one should remove the safety cap by pulling the cord and removing the cap off the cylinder. Doing that, one should ensure the presence of the ring. Then switch off the regulator and place it in the new cylinder carefully. After fixing the cylinder, you can check it by placing a match stick near the knob after turning it on. There is a bundle of safety tips provided by the company like one should not wear nylon clothes while working in kitchen, one should not leave the appliances unattended, there should be proper ventilation, and the list goes on.

Hp Gas  Online Booking

There are various measures to your HP Gas cylinder in all over India. One is the online method other is the offline method in which the person will visit the nearest local office and the third is through making a call to the office Gas dealer/ Agency.

Refill Your Cylinder Online

You can easily Refill your cylinder online

Book Your Hp Gas Online Here

Hp Gas New Connection

Getting a Hp Gas new connection is also not a difficult task. One can get a new connection by following some simple steps. He can apply online or to his nearest agent. Cost of New connection with Double Bottle Cylinder is Rs 1450 per cylinder.

Transfer A Connection

If one is moving from one place to another, he can transfer Hp Gas connection to other agent very easily. If the transfer is in same city, the existing agent will give termination voucher with the refundable money. Termination Voucher or TV is valid for a period of one year. After submitting the required amount with the new agent, one can continue enjoying HP gas services.

Hp Gas Customer Care

HP gas is a name known for providing cooking gas to people of India. LPG is basically mixture of hydrocarbons which are treated under certain temperature and pressure. Cooking gas reaches people through gas cylinders. HP gas is a trustworthy company that provides LPG to millions.

Register Hp Gas Complaint

If any one want to register complaint against Hp gas there is very easy process by which customer can easily register their complaint. If you want to register your complaint There is option to register a complaint.

Hp Gas Booking Status

If anyone one want to check the status of booking he can easily check hp gas booking status online. If you want to check your booking status of Hp GAS

Surrender A Hp Cylinder

Customer can easily Surrender HP Gas connection to your distributor along with your Subscription Voucher and obtain a “Safe Custody TV. You will have an option to take LPG connection of HP Gas anytime, anywhere in the country, whenever you need it. No charges will be levied for entrusting your LPG connection in our safe custody.

Hp Gas New Distributorship

For those distributors who want to get the distributorship, there are many advertisements in the newspapers and magazines. One needs to look for such advertisements and can apply for the distributorship. If one meets the eligibility criteria, he can get the distributorship very easily. All the details are mentioned in “brochure on LPG distributorships”.

Get A New Connection?
Ans. The nearest HP GAS distributor may be approached for a new Gas connection. Alternately you may book for new HP GAS connection online. Details of cost of New Connection with Double Bottle Cylinder (DBC) (two cylinders and one regulator).

HP Gas Distributor

HPCL came in the market in 1979 as “HP Gas” and has earned a lot of reputation since then. With the growing population, usage of LPG is also increasing at a rapid rate. To fulfill the demands of people, There are 32 regional managers who work according to the geographical areas provided to them.If you want to know about hp gas agencies

How do we locate the distributor of HPCL?
Ans. Locate the Names & addresses of our distributors.

HPCL Office lists

Get the details of your nearest You can click here to locate the nearest HPCL LPG Regional Offices.


Waht are the Hp Gas Safety Tips for Customers


  • It must be of approved quality, (ISI mark).