HP Customer Care

Hindustan Petroleum (HP India) offers various petroleum and LPG products including domestic gas for houses. One can approach HP Customer care by various below mentioned methods. This article only deals with HP gas cylinder customer care.

The different service which can be availed by HP Customer care

  • Refilling of the gas cylinder.
  • Track your new gas cylinder order.
  • Report your address change
  • Request for an additional cylinder

What are different ways to approach HP Customer care

  • HP Customer care can be approached online
  • HP Customer care can be approached on phone
  • HP Customer care can be approached by a direct visit to nearby branch.

Online options provided by HP Customer care

  • Log on to http://www.hindustanpetroleum.com to look at various options available.
  • If you want to file a complain related to HP Gas Cylinder, log on to http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/booking/ComplaintRegister.aspx
  • After Submitting your complaint, you will be communicated back within 2 to 3 working days of time.
  • You can even check the status of your by clicking on the status of complain link in the same page.
  • If you want to do the booking of refilling your LGP gas cylinder then log on http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/booking/rbtracking.aspx
  • You can even avail the different facilities like request for transfer, request for additional cylinder etc on the same above link.

Approach HP Customer Care on phone

  • One can call to HP Customer care number 09961023456, 0 9990923456, 12665 on your BSNL/ MTNL Phone.
  • If you want to track the ID of your nearby HP Customer care center you can log on to http://www.hindustanpetroleum.com/En/UI/Locatorsearch.aspx# and track the nearest center’s contact number of HP.

Approach HP Customer care center in person

  • One can find largely spread HP Customer care center across India, you can visit the nearest branch for refilling the gas cylinder, for filing the personal complaints, for reporting the address shift, for ordering the new service etc.
  • You can straight away approach the HP Representative and express the query.